Ty Crawford

Multimedia Producer | Photographer | Designer




I am not the droid you're looking for.
I am a U.S. based Multimedia Producer from West Virginia currently working for American Public University System. I've also worked with military and civilian tactical training facilities, music publishing companies, investment firms, churches, and families across the country as a freelance multimedia producer, photographer, and designer.

Art & Direction

Photography and music were my gateway to the creative industry which led to the foundation of my career and to the first steps in the digital world. Defining my own personal style has set me apart from others and having a recognizable consistency throughout my work is what I truly strive for. I have a passion for creativity - whether it's pushing pixels, playing music, or building something with a lathe and chisel.

Out of this love for creative design, my passion for functionality and structure evolved. Building a framework based on simplistic common sense functionality and usability became the catalyst to all of my projects.

Thank You

Thanks for your support and checking out my work. If you have any questions about anything that you see on this site, please feel free to contact me using the button at the bottom of the page. I am always open for collaboration on projects as well as commissioned freelance work.

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Photography | Lighting | Retouching

It all started in '01 with an old Canon AE-1 that was given to me as a payment for helping a friend of my Grandfather.

After a while of failed attempts to make photographs, I went to my go-to-guy for a little knowledge. That's when I came to realize that my Grandfather was quite a big shutterbug himself and we shared a common nerdy/artsy trait. Not only did he give me the ambition to learn how to create art through my own eyes, but our conversations sparked a new passion in my life and I used that old 35mm camera as the fuel to get me where I am today in my career.

Cinematography | Animation | VFX

After the invention of the Nikon D90, a new passion evolved in my life. Not only could I take photographs, but now I had the option to shoot video with the same camera. I could also swap lenses and create more artistic, cinematic shots. During my four years in college, I joined the broadcasting crew and shifted focused to learning everything I could about video production, including post-production and animation.

After I graduated, I combined my photography and video production knowledge to jump-start my career into multimedia production. I've been fortunate enough to evolve that skill-set through my full-time jobs.

UI/UX | Content | Design

After being hired in 2010 as a Multimedia Designer for American Public University System, my passion for design and the user experience became a prominent part of my life. Having the opportunity to create something from nothing, and then that "something" is used to help make someone else's life easier, or their learning experience better, has been one of my life's greatest accomplishments.

Whether it is a website that a church uses to bring people closer to God, or a Science Lab that teaches students how to identify trees in nature, or even building furniture, I always think about how the end-product can be more beneficial to those using it.