Your Investment is Important

In this day and economy it is difficult to invest money in just about anything. I understand that we all want the most bang for our buck and that’s why I’ve decided to share these investment breakdowns and provide an explanation of why my prices are what they are. I take pride in my work and the time that I put into each project. I am very proud to offer the knowledge that I have gained over the years as full services.

My prices and quotes are based on the amount of work that needs to be completed throughout the project. It’s important to remember that price isn’t just for product, it’s for process. You’re paying for time and expertise in creating the end product.

For example a two-hour photography session easily turns into a ten-hour day or more from start to finish. By keeping my prints at a higher quality and cost than the portrait centers in your local grocery store, my time and effort put into creating a completely customized shoot, can help me turn a small profit after my equipment costs are paid.

Average Cost Per Project

Averages based off of 150+ projects over 10 years
Project TypeAverage Final Cost
Photography Project$350 – $900
Website Design Project$1,800 – $4,500
Video Project$2,000 – $3,500
Interactive eLearning Project$1,200 – $3,000