Add closed captions or data driven graphics to your After Effects project using .csv files that a source text layer pulls data from.

Post Haste takes organizing a new project folder structure to a whole other level. This is truly an awesome product by Digital Rebellion. Not only is it awesome, it’s free.

If you use snippets when working on projects in vscode, you are going to want to bookmark this page.

This simple, yet handy app for converting your base code into a json friendly format used by visual studio code was created by my good friend Rocco Cutri.

How I take on new clients or projects with a simple but effective process that can be applied for any project.

This Photoshop action isolates products that were photographed against a pure white background and saves the images with transparent backgrounds.

Quick expression that will auto-resize a shape according to a text layer size.

Building site-maps is an important part of website design/development. With GlooMaps it’s really easy to create your own sitemaps fast and efficiently and share them with other collaborators. It’s free to use and you can create an unlimited amount of maps.

Have a Mac and need to compress an image fast? Check out this awesome app that not only compresses images but also removes any private EXIFmeta­data that gets embedded into images from digital cameras. Once it is installed you can set up your system preferences to ctrl+click on any image and get the option to compress your image without even opening the app! Check out how fast it is in the video.

Sometimes projects like designing websites or creating ads require mass image production. I’ll generally start off exporting out of the program that the image was created in, like Photoshop, but when it comes to batch resizing, renaming and optimization, Fotosizer is my go to when I’m working on a Windows machine.