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CC/Transcription via external CSV

Add closed captions or data driven graphics to your After Effects project using .csv files that a source text layer pulls data from.

Tumult Hype Responsive Canvas with Dynamic Text

Tumult Hype is my favorite go-to keyframe based animation app for creating HTML5 content. These two templates are adaptations of Tommy Hodgins’ responsive hype to enable scaling repsonsiveness https://gist.github.com/tomhodgins/f76b936ea90c4286b8f88285edbf231d and a script using JSON elements to import text dynamically into the Hype document using css classes. Dynamically adding text content via JSON allows for an […]

Create Flexible Sitemaps with Gloomaps

Building site-maps is an important part of website design/development. With GlooMaps it’s really easy to create your own sitemaps fast and efficiently and share them with other collaborators. It’s free to use and you can create an unlimited amount of maps.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is my number one choice for Editing Code. It is everything I could ask for in classic lightweight text editor but with more powerful IDE-type features with very minimal configuration. Simple, easy to use, and it has GIT integration built right in. Check it out here: https://code.visualstudio.com/

Colorized Abstract Background Photoshop Action

Download my Colorized Abstract Background Image Photoshop Action. My go-to image affect with endless possibilities based on the layer’s blending mode.

OpenPics Linux and Windows App

Open Pics is an Open source application built for Linux and Windows, that allows its users to search free stock images from multiple Image sources including images under Creative Commons Zero license. Download it here: https://github.com/lohanitech/openpics

After Effects Workspace

Here is an example of my typical After Effects workspace. I like to have my Project Files on the far left with the Effects Control Panel to the right of it. This allows me to select any layer from the Comp’s Timeline and immediately see the effects applied to the selected layer without having to […]

Logic Pro Rock Session Template

Download my empty Logic Pro X Multitrack Session for Tracking Rock Bands

Unity Tweak Tool Linux

The Unity Tweak Tool is an essential tool for Ubuntu desktop. It allows you to customize a ton of UI features like Workspace Settings, Hotcorners, Scrolliong, Themes, Switchers, and Icons. To install Unity Tweak, open terminal and run: $ sudo install unity-tweak-tool Depending on your Linux Distro, you may get an error that looks something […]

Blender Startup Default File

Download my blender startup file and save the UI as the new Default Startup File