Open Pics is an Open source application built for Linux and Windows, that allows its users to search free stock images from multiple Image sources including images under Creative Commons Zero license.

Download it here:

Here is an example of my typical After Effects workspace. I like to have my Project Files on the far left with the Effects Control Panel to the right of it. This allows me to select any layer from the Comp’s Timeline and immediately see the effects applied to the selected layer without having to manually open the Effects Panel. I also keep my Motion Tracking panel next to the Timeline and below the Effects and Presets so I can quickly enter into Motion Tracking mode.

The Unity Tweak Tool is an essential tool for Ubuntu desktop. It allows you to customize a ton of UI features like Workspace Settings, Hotcorners, Scrolliong, Themes, Switchers, and Icons.

To install Unity Tweak, open terminal and run:

$ sudo install unity-tweak-tool

Depending on your Linux Distro, you may get an error that looks something like this:

The following schema is missing com.canonical.notify.osd

If this happens open terminal and run the following:

sudo apt-get install notify-osd

sudo apt-get install overlay-scrollbar

Download my blender startup file and save the UI as the new Default Startup File

Converting Text to Mesh and warp in circle

  • ­ Center Align font
  • ­ In object mode for font hit ALT+C and select “Mesh from Curve”
  • ­ Center the text around 3d cursor
  • ­ SHIFT+W then move mouse any direction

Changing Origin Point of an object

  •  Enter edit mode and select a vertex
  • ­ SHIFT+S and then choose “Cursor to Selected”
  • ­ Enter Object Mode SHIFT+CTL+ALT+C select “Origin to 3D Cursor