Isolate Products in Seconds with Photoshop Action


Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Photographer, or Web Designer, at some point in time you will have to isolate a product from its background. Especially if you are in the Digital Marketing Industry.

This quick action was made for products that were photographed against a pure white background. Just download the action below, open up your actions panel in photoshop, click on the little hamburger menu icon in the upper right of the actions panel, then import this action by clicking on “Load Action…”

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. I used the Color Range Selection tool, set the range to pure white and dropped the “fuzzyness” down to add contrast in the selection. Then the “Select and Mask” options get used to fine-tune the selection and isolate the selection in a mask. You can load the action via the automation process on a batch of products or run it on each one individually if additional tweaks are needed.

Example output
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