PostHaste Project Template

Post Haste ( organizing a new project folder structure to a whole other level. This is truly an awesome product by Digital Rebellion. Not only is it awesome, it’s free.

Post Haste lets you “templatize” your folder structure for starting new projects. You can create as many templates as you want and at the click of a few buttons, you are ready to start adding files. The coolest thing is– you can not only create folder structures, but you can include files within those folders.

Here is how I work mine:

I create a my template structure for an A/V project. Maybe it’s an audio project, or maybe video or animation. Inside of the specific folders, I include my starter files for After Effects, Premiere, Logic, and Resolve. These starter files are built with my default workflows already setup like 4k 24fps, 32 track audio mixer with all my go-to plugins already loaded, etc…

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