Needs Assessment with Marketing, Branding, Video Production, and Creative Project Processes.

Step One: Initial Consultation

A needs assessment will be more effective when focused on problems instead of solutions.

The Agency will generally offer an hour or two of free consultation. They will be happy to explore the general scope of your project. However, there is a limit to how much time they’ll spend offering expertise without a more formalized relationship.

After the initial consultation, allow for 2-3 business days for a Strategic Planning Worksheet, to outline the major considerations and approach for the project that the agency would like to take.

Step Two (Internal): Internal Discussion/Strategic Planning Worksheet

This discussion will bring all internal departments together to establish a Strategic Planning Worksheet for the project based off of the initial consultation meeting.

Step Three: Meet with Client to Discuss Strategic Plan and Sign Exclusivity

Once the Strategic Planning Worksheet has been created and thoroughly examined by the internal team, it’s time to meet with the client and discuss the plan of attack. During this step, if the client agrees to all items covered in the worksheet and would like to proceed with a formal statement of work, an exclusivity document is signed that locks in the partnership giving the agency time to formalize a contract and Statement of Work.

Step Four (Internal): Create Statement of Work

Now that the client has requested to formalize the project with a Statement of Work, it’s time to take that Strategic Planning Worksheet and get as detailed as possible to include scope of work, project objectives, schedule tasks, deliverables, payment of the project, expected outcomes, certain terms, conditions and requirements, guaranteeing that the work for the project will be done according to certain guidelines and expectations.

Step Five: Meet with client for final sign-off on Statement of Work

During this final step of the process, both the Agency and Client meet to discuss the details of the Statement of Work, make any adjustments, and finally sign-off. Agreeing upon the acceptance criteria before the project begins helps to avoid any miscommunication on either side when the project wraps.

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