American Public University System LXD

Project Type:

Learning Experience Design, Multimedia Production

Tools Used:

Adobe CC, Apple Logic, Captivate, Sakai, Blender, Visual Studio Code, NodeJS, DSLRs


Senior Multimedia Designer, School of Global Studies and Homeland Security



Project Details

Business Case:
APUS needed a role to bring expertise in multimedia creation, ensuring our content is visually compelling, interactive, and aligns with modern educational standards.

Ensure that courses align with contemporary standards and meet the expectations of today’s learners.

Bring a creative approach to content development, incorporating visuals, audio, and interactive elements to create a dynamic and immersive learning experience.

The university underwent a significant transformation by embracing the e-learning framework, reshaping more than 300 online courses to prioritize media-rich and accessible content as the focal point of the online learning experience. Within a span of four years, student enrollment skyrocketed from 32,000 to an impressive 120,000.

He is a wonder and a gift and he has abilities far beyond his years to do accomplish any task that he is given as well as anything he sets his mind to. I am continually amazed not only at what he can do, but more so how he continues to seek out new opportunities to develop his talents and skills.

Learning Experience Development

Elevating e-Learning with Custom Frameworks

This custom e-Learning Framework was the predecessor to the APUS Lessons App.  After seeing the success of the Lessons App, the university wanted a version that was able to be utilized within the LMS so the university could update it’s library of curriculum and convert it’s entire 300+ online courses to this highly customizable framework. This framework allows students to interact with their lesson content through a series of micro-interactions, such as accordions, lightboxes, tabbed-interfaces, animations, and image maps. Simultaneously, the framework refined the course development processes, providing empowerment to multimedia and Instructional Design Teams. This enables them to seamlessly infuse engaging interactions, circumventing the conventional hurdles associated with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Interactive Design / 3D Production

Immersive Reality in Virtual Investigations

Immersive learning activity for crime scene investigation. Developed for American Public University System, this simulation students were able to navigate a 3D crime scene and apply theory to the clues found in the scene. The simulation had randomized scenarios that could appear at any point of the game, forcing the students to change tactics and save lives.

3D Production

Crime in Three Dimensions

This 3D crime scene was modeled and animated using techniques employed in Blender and After Effects. Multiple camera angles, advanced lighting techniques, and bump mapping further enhance the realism, accentuating the significance of the comprehensive 3D development and post-production creation process in bringing this dynamic scenario to the screen.

VFX / Marketing

Cinematic Visuals for Enrollment Success and Engagement

In the course transformation process, a cinematic trailer was produced for each course. Collaborating seamlessly with the marketing team, these compelling trailers were strategically incorporated into the public website, effectively contributing to recruitment and enrollment efforts.