Prog Career Tool

Project Type:

Website design & Development, Animation

Tools Used:

Wordpress, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, MAMP, Bluehost


Senior Multimedia Specialist



Project Details

Business Case:
Progressive Leasing, the largest virtual lease-to-own provider in the U.S., aims to become the preferred career destination. Considering an interactive job-aid tool, the organization intends to help individuals explore diverse career paths, fostering job satisfaction and development opportunities within the company.

The opportunity lies in assisting leaders in identifying specific competencies tailored to each role within their teams. These role-specific competencies play a pivotal role in hiring processes, setting expectations, employee development, and conducting annual performance evaluations.

The primary objective is to develop a dedicated tool for Progressive Leasing employees, enabling them to explore diverse career paths and access resources for significant development, enhancing satisfaction and opening up additional career pathways.

As a result of this initiative, each of Progressive Leasing’s core values has been intricately mapped to groups of competencies that encompass a broader spectrum of skills and behaviors contributing to success at the organization. The tool has achieved an average daily usage of 12% among employees, indicating its successful integration into daily workflows and demonstrating its impact on career development and satisfaction within the company.

Ty is a master of his craft and can always be depended on to do a phenomenal job. No matter the difficulties of a project, Ty always – and I mean ALWAYS – has a good attitude. His optimism rubs off on even the strongest of cynics. Every team needs more Tys!

Web-design / Interactive

Navigate, Assess, and Elevate Career Pathways

This dynamic tool guides individuals through the exploration of diverse career paths, offering valuable resources for meaningful development. It aims to enhance satisfaction in current roles while seamlessly facilitating the exploration of additional career opportunities.

Visual Design

Crafting Vision, Shaping Identity:

Designed an extensive array of digital and print assets throughout the tool’s development, ensuring a harmonious visual identity across presentations, print and digital media, and the tool interface for a seamlessly cohesive user experience.

Animation / Video Production

Build Hype and Showcase Features

Multiple animations were created to build hype and dynamically illustrate the pivotal features and advantages of the career-tool. These animations facilitate prospective users in comprehending the unique aspects that set the career tool apart, enhancing their understanding of its value and utility.


Crafting Simplicity from Complexity

Developed a simplified user interface and user experience for a complex site-map, streamlining navigation on a content-rich website to ensure users can effortlessly explore the extensive content with ease and simplicity.