Intelligence Fundamentals

Project Type:

LXD (Learning Experience Design), UI / UX

Tools Used:

Adobe Captivate, XD, Illustrator, Articulate Rise


Multimedia Producer



Project Details

Business Case:
The certification course under consideration was crafted explicitly for the Department of Defense, with the primary goal of establishing a unified standard for the fundamental knowledge and skills expected of individuals currently serving in and supporting, as well as those aspiring to serve in and support, the DoD Intelligence Enterprise (DIE).

In instances where courses tend to be monotonous and lacking engagement, instructors often resort to reading directly from manuals and training modules. Recognizing the need for improvement, there is an opportunity to develop a self-paced interactive course, introducing an element of flexibility and engagement.

The objective of this initiative is to create narrative-driven content, injecting vitality into otherwise mundane subject matter. The focus is on fostering increased learning retention by transforming the course content into a self-paced and interactive format.

Through the development of online, self-paced content, the project successfully elevated student engagement levels.

Ty excelled at designing and implementing video, motion graphics, photography, audio production, graphics and other multimedia design assets for maximum effectiveness in both our online learning environment as well as special projects across the university enterprise.

Learning Experience Design

Revitalized Learning for a Visually Captivating Experience

This transformation of an outdated government certification course seamlessly incorporated interactivity, modern interface design, and alignment with contemporary learning methods. The focus on crafting a new UI drew inspiration from pop culture, aiming to be visually captivating and fostering a more immersive, student-centric design that leverages technology for increased accessibility and engagement.

Learning Interactions

Interactive Branching Scenarios to Drive Learning Engagement

In this scenario, assume the role of Allison Morgan, a CIA Station Chief based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, along the Red Sea coast. Your team’s objective is to track down and neutralize a recognized Islamic extremist terror cell led by Hakim Farooq al-Tayyib, also identified within the agency as “The Kingmaker” through analyzing intelligence reports.