Lessons in Your Home

Project Type:

UI / UX, Animation

Tools Used:

Illustrator, XD, After Effects, VS Code, SASS, Bootstrap 5


UI / UX Designer, Multimedia Producer



Project Details

Business Case:
Lessons in Your Home teaches private music lessons in homes and schools across the United States. The primary goal was to improve user satisfaction, increase user retention, and reduce customer service call volume by revitalizing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the Lessons in Your Home family of apps. The first app being the student/parent app, the second being the teachers/instructors app, and finally the teacher scheduling wizard. 

As technology evolves, so do user expectations. A contemporary UI/UX design ensures that the apps remain compatible with the latest devices and trends, preventing obsolescence and maintaining relevance in the market.

Create UI / UX designs for 3 single page applications that serves as dashboards for both teachers and students to be able to quickly access schedule adjustments, make payments, and mark lessons as being taught.

Significant drop in customer service call volume while boosting user satisfaction and positive reviews due to the improved usability and aesthetic appeal of the apps.

Working with Ty Crawford is like a warm knife through butter, “easy”. The thought and attention he puts into a project is second to none and the value he’s added to our projects at Lessons In Your Home far exceeds the cost of the service provided. More than that, I feel like Ty has taken a vested interest in our success. It’s not easy to find some who does amazing work. Finding someone who does elite work and who cares about your company at the same time is like finding a unicorn. Ty is a unicorn.

UI / UX Design

Students, Parents, Teachers. Unified.

Streamlined the experience for two distinct user groups with tailored apps. Leveraging user data, it was identified that users sought efficient sign-in, quick access to personalized information, and a seamless exit. The innovative UI strategy introduced a single-page dashboard for Parents and Students, facilitating viewing of invoices, making payments, and checking lesson schedules without navigating away. Meanwhile, for Teachers, the UI incorporated the same components, featuring a “Schedule Me Wizard” card to guide them through lesson scheduling, including marking lessons, cancellations, and rescheduling, requiring availability and distance-to-travel information for optimal planning.

Animation / Lottie

Engage users and promote fulfillment

Leveraging Lottie offers a multitude of advantages, with most stemming from its compact size and adaptability. A collection of micro-animations, crafted in After Effects and exported in JSON format, was implemented to visually communicate success verifications across the applications. This enhancement not only elevates the user experience but also ensures swift app load times.

Animation / Video Production

Promotional Walkthrough

This animation serves as a dual-purpose video, seamlessly blending promotion and instruction to highlight instructors’ utilization of the “Schedule Me Wizard” within the Teacher App. Featured prominently on the initial screen within the wizard, the video guides instructors through a step-by-step process, elucidating how to provide their availability and distance to travel information in order to get lessons scheduled within their parameters.