Thril USA

Project Type:

Web-design, Product Packaging, Marketing

Tools Used:

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, WordPress


Multimedia Producer, Packaging Designer, Web Designer



Project Details

Business Case:
In 2017, Thril expanded its scope to include the production of high-quality firearms components and assemblies for tactical, hunting, and recreational outdoor enthusiasts. This expansion necessitated the establishment of a comprehensive web presence, including e-commerce solutions, alongside the creation of product packaging designs and marketing materials.

In the face of market saturation, Thril USA aims to emerge as the leading brand in the firearms industry, distinguished above all others.

The objective is to develop a unified brand presence spanning the website, product packaging, and both print and digital advertisements.

A distinctive design aesthetic that surpasses competitors in the firearms industry, effectively driving traffic to the website and boosting sales. This cohesive branding strategy is poised to elevate Thril USA as the standout choice in the firearm accessories industry.

Top notch mag. No feeding issues after 1000+ rounds. Oh, and they have the coolest magazine packaging I’ve ever seen.

Package Design

Eye-catching and visually appealing packaging

A well-designed package stands out on store shelves, increasing the likelihood that potential customers will notice and consider the product. The unique design elements create a memorable impression and make it more recognizable compared to competitors.


Crafting Online Identity, and Making Waves on Consumer Shelves

Thrill’s website not only enhances the visual appeal of products but also plays a vital role in creating a positive user experience. It seamlessly builds brand identity in the online realm, facilitating e-commerce transactions. Moreover, the website utilizes the eye-catching branding strategies within the product packaging that make products stand out prominently on the shelves of consumer stores.


Informed Interactions

Upon the debut of a new product, purposeful micro-interactions unfold, offering consumers valuable insights into the product. These subtle touches act as a conduit for an educational journey, shedding light on materials, manufacturing processes, and detailed product specifications.

PSA U9 Magazine

Stainless steel feed lips

PSA U9 Magazine

Reinforced impact resistant polymer

PSA U9 Magazine

A Palmetto State Armory Exclusive

Elastomeric strike plate on floor plate

PSA U9 Magazine

Video Production / Animation

Elevating Recognition

This stinger was create to help reinforce brand identity for and video production created for Thril. By featuring the company logo in a dynamic and memorable way, it increases brand recognition among the audience.