Whitetail Edge

Project Type:

Web-Design, Photography, Cinematography, Video Editing, Post-Production

Tools Used:

Nikon D800, AlienBee Strobes, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, WordPress


Multimedia Producer



Project Details

Business Case:
The Whitetail Edge web-show, hosted by Ohio-native Ben Rising, is filmed all over the Midwest. Entering its third season, Whitetail Edge needed promotional photography, cinematography, video editing, and a custom website to host the latest episodes.

Finding a balance between maintaining authenticity and crafting a coherent and engaging storyline after sifting through hours of content to pinpoint the most captivating and pertinent moments.

Develop a cohesive branding package that seamlessly ties together photography, web design, and video editing. This unified approach ensures consistent branding across various platforms, fostering recognition and a strong visual identity.

Accumulated an impressive 400,000 YouTube views for Season 3, simultaneously attracting a substantial 15,000 new subscribers.

Ty not only excelled as an immensely talented web lead and designer, but he also possessed serious skills in photography and videography. He truly embodies the essence of a utility player—adaptable, versatile, and consistently delivering exceptional results.


Modern playback UI experience for visitors

Crafting a design meticulously tailored to the distinct needs and branding of the web show is paramount, ensuring an unparalleled and captivating user experience. With the launch of each new episode, website visitors encounter the latest installment prominently showcased alongside a succinct synopsis. Directly below the newest episode, a thoughtfully organized presentation of all previously released episodes is readily available, facilitating seamless navigation for an enhanced user experience.

Cinematography, Editing, Post Production

Balancing authenticity and storyline

In the realm of non-scripted web shows, often dubbed reality or unscripted content, striking a delicate balance between preserving authenticity and sculpting a compelling storyline is essential for capturing viewer interest. Featuring Ben in his trophy room, offering commentary throughout the episode, adds a cohesive and engaging touch, enriching the overall narrative of the episodes.

Promotional Photography

Elevating Experiences with Striking Portraits

Portraits play a crucial role in creating a visually appealing, consistent, and engaging promotional strategy for a web show, contributing to its overall success and audience connection. During this shoot, Ben stood in his tree-stand 20ft up, as an alien-bee strobe was used to cast the light for a visually striking effect.