One Voice Anthem

Project Type:

Audio Production

Tools Used:

Logic Pro X, Slate Digital, Waves Audio


Audio Engineer, Producer



Project Details

Business Case:
This single is a pivotal component of the debut album by the band “One Voice Anthem.” The primary objective is to leverage this single’s release as a cornerstone for promoting the band’s upcoming album and establishing a strong foothold in the music industry.

The single’s release provides a chance to engage with existing fans while attracting new listeners through promotional activities.

Showcase the band’s musical talent and creativity by delivering a high-quality single that reflects the unique sound and style of One Voice Anthem.

The successful release of the single, recorded at SoundSoap Studios and mixed/mastered by Ty Crawford, significantly boosted “At the Altar’s” debut album launch. It amplified the band’s visibility, expanded their audience, and solidified their reputation for musical excellence. Collaborating with industry professionals enhanced the band’s credibility, opening doors to future opportunities and sustained growth in the music industry.

Ty is in a league of his own when it comes to producing high quality content quickly. He excels at clean visual communication and collaboration within and outside of his team. He demonstrates a phenomenal breadth of knowledge and adaptability on a daily basis.

Audio Engineering

Setting the Stage with Logic Pro X and industry-leading plugins.

This project involved the meticulous mixing and mastering of over 90 tracks utilizing Logic Pro X. The process included employing advanced techniques such as parallel compression and virtual busses, along with industry-standard audio plugins like Slate Digital and Waves. The objective was to achieve professional-grade sound quality, ensuring each element of the composition was balanced and optimized to perfection.